Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is it about the food?

Last night Gary and I went out for dinner at East Side Mario's. I've got a soft spot for their soup - and despite the fact that we live downtown and have dozens of more authentic Italian restaurants to choose from, it's one of my favourites.

In the afternoon, I checked out their menu online and picked out what I would order - the Chicken Marsala. It's actually pretty points-friendly. When I eat out, I like to do this, and then not even open the menu. It keeps me focused and prevents me from being tempted by other, delicious, less-WW friendly items on the menu.

Which is exactly what happened last night. I browsed through the menu and was tempted. And I gave in. I ordered the Chicken Tetrazini. Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and linguine in a creamy alfredo sauce. So not diet friendly.

I ate less than half of it, which ended up being 10 points - less than the entree I had planned to order. But I felt sick IMMEDIATELY. Within an hour, things were unpleasant. I felt sluggish, my stomach hurt, and things were not going well - I actually thought I might be sick.

It wasn't a food prep thing, it was a fatty, rich food thing. I haven't had pasta in cream sauce in six months. It did not go over well in Stomach-Land.

Lesson learned.

I've read on several blogs lately that when it comes to weight loss, it's what you eat that matters. I kind of have it in my mind that if I watch my portion sizes and exercise frequently and with intensity, I can eat pretty much whatever I want - of course, within reason. Calories in, calories out. But now I'm sitting here thinking about it.

I want to lose weight for a diverse number of reasons. One of them is for improved health, and exercise is a huge part of that. I'm not going to stop working out, because I'd like to be lean and toned, not thin and flabby.
But am I kidding myself, thinking I can eat pizza and cookies and still lose weight if I hit up spin class and watch my portion sizes? I'm not sure anymore. What do you guys think?


Jams said...

I think that yes, a person can eat pizza and cookies and still lose weight. All things in moderation of course.

I mean, if you're trying to eat only cookies and pizza and lose weight, it's likely to be more difficult, since it will be harder to create a caloric deficit... and you likely won't be physically satisfied eating only the small amounts of pizza and cookies you'd need to eat in order to lose weight.

I do think it's completely possible to plan cookies and pizza into your lifestyle and still lose weight (and not make yourself sick). We generally make our pizzas at home, but sometimes I just want a big fat pizza from somewhere else. In those cases, we order it, eat it and move on.

I say - all things in moderation. You probably won't be able to eat only pizza and cookies (if you figure out a way - let me know) and lose weight in a healthy manner. You can incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle though.

And now I'll stop rambling in your comments section. :)

Deb said...

When it comes to weight loss, it really is mostly about the calories in vs calories out.

When it comes to weight maintenance, I think it has far more to do with what you eat.

Can you eat pizza and cookies and still lose weight? Maybe. I think that answer is going to be different for different people.

For me, I can eat pizza - provided it's my homemade pizza with a thin, whole wheat crust.

I can eat cookies, at a frequency of about 1 every couple months. Seriously. When it comes to long term weight maintenance, I really think that type of treat has to be really few and far between.

I maintained my weight with no real effort over the summer by eating mainly clean, unprocessed foods. I am hoping that the time will come that I can do that at a weight I want to maintain. Personally, I will have to keep some types of treats almost completely out of my diet.

Anonymous said...

I think it would probably work for awhile. It has for me in the past...but probably not long term.

Plus, as we learn doing weight watchers, that means we are eating a little bit of junk to sustain us, instead of an enormous amount of healthy food to sustain us.

SmilingErin said...

I think you're right - you can still lose weight, but things like cookies, pizza etc will not give you the best "bang for your buck" for calories - they make you feel sluggish and are less satisfying than healthier foods. I think it's important to include some treats as part of your diet, but it's best if the vast majority of your foods are not in this category. Your taste buds will change as you get used to healthier fare :)