Monday, October 4, 2010

Non-scale Victory!

This weekend Gary and I went to check out the new Chinook Centre expansion. We went really early on Sunday morning - as the mall was opening, in fact. It was really cool to see the new stores together. I love shopping - even when the clothes don't fit or money is too tight, I've always loved browsing through the stores and the general excitement of the mall. But Gary? Not so much. So it was really nice to go together!

We stopped in at RW&Co, a store I've never been able to shop in. I think I bought one outfit there about 8 years ago. I've always loved their clothes, and every time I go in there I'm a little bit sad. In fact, the week before I joined WW, I was in RW&Co with a girlfriend and decided to try on a few things, and not one of them came close to fitting. Some of the skirts I couldn't even get above my knees. I was mortified.

I was so, so happy on Sunday when I tried on a really cute skirt and, lo and behold, it fit. It was even on sale! I bought it, and can't wait to wear it this week. Their pants still don't fit, and I'm not sure they ever will, but yay! Yay for shopping in stores I couldn't a few months ago!


RescuingLisa said...

RW&Co is one of my fav's - they have beautiful clothing.

I now fit into their clothes too - sooo exciting!

Half my closet is from RW


Deb said...

I respectfully demand a picture of the new skirt. :)


Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...


Congrats Meg! Clothing nsvs are totally my fave :)

slb said...

Congrats! That must feel so good to fit in them!

Melanie Thompson said...

I used to work at RW&Co. They have lovely clothes. The pants are a pain for most people though. I think they need to re-design them. They often wouldn't fit the skinniest and tallest customers. I was never able to fit in their pants either. Only my male co-workers would buy the pants. The jeans are quite nice though and they have great leggings. The dress pants are flawed though, it's not you!

Meg said...

Melanie - that's a relief to hear!!