Friday, October 1, 2010


On Wednesday, I blogged about excuses. The very next day I was full of them – a sudden announcement at work meant that I had to scramble all day to answer media calls and deal with the ‘crisis’.

After a long day, all I wanted to do was go home and collapse. I told myself, “Meg, today was INSANE. You deserve a break!”

And then I realized I should listen to my own bloody advice. So I went to the gym, got a workout in, carved out some time in today’s schedule to go to spin, and made sure I didn’t use that stressed/tired/angry excuse to cave in and comfort myself with cookies and French fries.

Today I’m going to talk about how I’m making weight-loss a priority in my life, to remind myself when the going gets tough and the excuses are easier and easier to believe.

What I’m doing already to make this lifestyle change a priority?

There are a lot of things I already do to make not only room for change, but to make it important. Every Sunday I plan out our evening meals for the week. We buy groceries and plan ahead for any dinners out or commitments that might mean missing a meal at home. Eating healthfully is important to Gary and I and we have gradually been increasing the number of veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins we eat, and decreasing the amount of processed or convenience foods and higher-fat options. We also try not to buy a lot of ‘treats’ to keep in the cupboards.

Every Monday I sit down with the gym schedule and block out time in my calendar for group classes and workouts. I look ahead at the week to come and see if there are any challenges – lunch-time meetings or late nights that might get in the way of a workout, and then schedule around them.

I blog. Not as frequently lately, but blogging is a huge motivational tool for me.
I keep the WW Online site in my bookmarks bar so I see it every time I turn on my computer at home. I’ve got it at work, too, so I can log my points and activity throughout the day.

Things I need to work on:

Getting up earlier. I know that working out early feels really good to me, and that having that mellow time before a busy day means I’m less likely to cave in and rely on convenience foods and skip a workout.

Not cancelling on workout commitments – find another way around it. If I can’t go to a class, go for a walk. Go after work. Ask to leave 30 minutes early if I work through lunch.

Pre-planning ALL my meals and snacks, not just the evening one. Lunches and breakfasts that are fast, filling, nutritious and low-point are the goal, and stocking the fridge with them makes crazy mornings easier.

Asking for help.

Pushing past my comfort zone – I recently won a gift certificate for a personal training session at the gym, and I’m terrified to use it. I don’t strength train at the gym, either.

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Anonymous said...

Excuses are easy to come by. Keeping priority's help keep them at bay. Sounds like your plan is realistic and you are in control. Nice work! Congrats on ur success thus far