Monday, October 25, 2010

Spin Junkie

I love spin class.
I've said this before about a lot of things - Zumba, swimming, the 30 Day Shred. Obviously what I really love is variety!
I love spin class because it's 45 minutes of high-intensity cardio. I would never push myself that hard on the elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike. I love that the instructors are motivating, that the other people in the class keep me from giving up, and I love doing a class over my lunch break and coming back to my desk recharged.
I have spin today, but my knee is killing me.
Two weeks ago after a run I noticed that my knee was sore. I figured it would go away - but it hasn't. It's only getting worse. It's not a sharp pain, more like a constant stiffness. I wince when I put weight on that leg, like when I get out of a car. I tried icing it one night, and that helped a bit. This weekend I sat in the hot tub and that helped, too.
I'm not sure what to do. In my experience, knee injuries and knee pain is resolved with surgery, and I"m not interested in that route unless absolutely necessary - as in, I can no longer walk. Anyone have any suggestions for minor workout-related aches and pains?


SmilingErin said...

Also, you can see a massage therapist - they may be able to give you a caster pack that could help. Lots of stretching while your body is still warm is important too.

Anonymous said...

Knee pain that comes on after running might be runners knee. I had my first incident about 4 weeks ago and it was fine for walking but KILLED going up and down stairs and putting weight solely on it. I had to see an athletic therapist and take a break from running for a week or two. Now I'm running (a lot shorter distances) with a tensor knee brace and I find it helps. Might be worth a shot (at the very least it keeps muscles warm which helps reduce the pain).

Carolyn said...

Hi Meg. From what I know, ice is almost always more effective than heat when you have an acute injury (this doesn't sound like chronic pain yet). Also, I would highly recommend going to a good physiotherapist early on. They can make referrals to other things like massage or acupuncture, but physio is generally the best place to start. It's probably covered under your health benefits, too. Make an appointment today so you can stop worrying about surgery. Keep up the good fight! Love!

Deb said...

I'd also suggest going to see a physio. It is not a good idea to push it and do activity anyways. I did that on a slightly sore knee and it put me on the couch for a month.

Probably rest is the big thing you need. A physio will be able to suggest what you are safe to do and what you should avoid. Swimming might be a good option while recuperating.

bre said...

As someone with a lot of experience with knee pain, I'd say always make sure you warm up before starting exercise, and stretch when finished - icing is usually more effective than heating - and while in pain don't do things that are hard on your knee (running, aerobics, stairs, etc.) instead keep your activities lower impact - like biking, elliptical, swimming, yoga, pilates, etc.

And I've personally found much more success with chiropractors/active release than with physio, but I've tried everything under the sun. So it's whatever works for you!

Meg said...

Thanks everyone! Your advice is so awesome!