Friday, October 22, 2010

Walking in a Winter Onederland

I know, it's not snowing. Yet. But my walk to work in the mornings gets just a teeny bit chillier every day. The ski and snowboard bunnies among us are getting antsy, and winter tire ads are everywhere. So please don't hate me for what's coming next.

I've never revealed my actual starting or current weight publicly. But it's posted on my Weight Watchers bio, so it's there to see if anyone ever really wanted to track it down.

I don't know why I struggle with telling you the numbers, but have no problems posting photos of me in tight workout clothes. What difference does it make?

I'm coming up on a pretty big milestone, weight-loss wise, and now it's time to share.

The number on the scale when I started in May? 230 lbs. On Wednesday? 207.8 lbs.

In the Weight Watchers World, and I'm sure other dieting circles, the term for hitting a weight under 200 lbs is 'Onederland'. I'm very close. Close enough that I want to get there by Christmas.

Hence: The Winter Onederland Challenge.

My goal: lose 8 pounds in the 9 remaining weeks before Christmas. My math might be off a bit, there might be 10 full calendar weeks left, but I have 9 Weigh-Ins left before December 25th.

How I'm going to do it:

-Track every single day
-Post my food diaries on this blog, but on a separate page so you can check them out if you're interested, skip it if you're not.
-Go to two spin or other group exercise classes per week
-Aim for 4 days of activity per week, minimum (not a hard goal as I always, always get sick in November)
-Go for my free Personal Fitness Assessment at my gym
-Use my free Personal Training session with the intention of working with the trainer and setting up a routine I can do on my own
-Post weekly scale results and measurements

Reward: A snowflake-themed piece of jewellery

So here goes. I've said before, many times, that I don't like putting a time frame on scale-related goals, but I need some serious motivation to get going. I think this is a realistic and reasonable goal, and it will help me stay on track during the pre-holiday Eating Bonanza.

Anyone want to join me?


Anonymous said...

I DO!!
I started at 226 and I am currently at 204.5 and have been stuck there for 3 months. (Mainly due to my lack of tracking consistantly) but I need a reason to not give up and keep trying! I want to go to ONEDERLAND with you!

Kali said...

Hi Meg- I'm Kali out in in California and I am so there with you and ready to go. I have maintained an almost 40 lb weight loss since 2007 (with some up and down fluctuations). Recently, after vacation and feeling blah, I gained about 8 lbs back. I have more to go and really want to hit that under 200- Onederland! I have been an off and off WW member and haven't been for a couple of months, so I'm going to go back next week. Thanks for the blog! Keep up your hard work!!!

Courtney said...

I up for that challenge too! I started in April and was 223 - and on Wednesday (my WI too, I was 206.8) -- I definetly want to be in ONEderland by Christmas too!! I have signed up for a Zumba class with some friends of mine, and am going to work on exercising 4x a week too...a bit of struggle for me...but I can do it!
Good luck Meg, I look forward to reading your updates!

Carmen said...

Count me in lady! My goal has been to hit onederland by Christmas too! I've got 15 pounds to go to make it to 199! That is a lot, but I am why not?! I'm excited to take on this challenge with you! I know we've been lamenting the routine of this process, so hopefully this will spice it up! I also love your reward..and I think I'll do the same! Good luck!

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Sounds like a great and realistic challenge Meg. You'll rock it for sure :)

RescuingLisa said...

Way to go Meg - this is an awesome challenge!

I have no problems putting time limits on my goals - Its the only thing that keeps me accountable!

You can totally do this - the light at the eend of the tunnel is Onederland!


FatKatie:Losing It! said...

I just stumbled on your blog through another diet bloggy friend! I am in! :) I have about 13.6lbs to go until I hit 'Onederland'.

Good luck to everyone! And Keep up the great progress Meg. :)


MissHaneefa said...

Can I join? I am about 9 pounds away! Yeah!