Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday WI

I've lost track of how many times I've weighed in, so from now on I'll just keep it simple! I was up 1.8 lbs this morning.
This weekend was a disaster. After last week's great weigh in, this week went all to hell with a long weekend, a trip out of town, a giant food-oriented holiday and not enough activity.
Guys, I ate an entire wheel of brie on Sunday. By MYSELF. As a SNACK. With some popcorn chicken bites. Before I ate a turkey dinner. And two pieces of cheesecake.
*hitting head against desk*
I didn't eat it because I was hungry. I ate it because I was bored. Because it was there. Because I had some feelings and it seemed easier to just shut up and eat rather than deal with them. So I did. It rained all weekend, too, so I spent it mostly curled up on the couch reading, or browsing through bookstores, giant chai latte in hand. It was bliss.
I'll be honest, yesterday was also a gong show. I ate poutine at the mall. And a cinnamon bun. And some chocolates. Because, well, what the heck. I wanted it, and it was there. These are all things I can eat, it's not like I've been depriving myself or feel like I'll never be able to eat a cinnamon bun or poutine again - it's just that I shouldn't eat them all IN ONE SITTING. I haven't acted like that in almost six months. Then we got home and the healthy dinner I had planned was burned to a scorched, smokey mess in the crockpot. So we had pizza.
Note to self: Don't try to invent new ways of cooking lentils in the crockpot and then leave for 6 hours and not monitor the process.
It's more than a bit ridiculous, my eating this weekend, but now it's out of my system and I'm moving on. Yogurt and fruit for breakfast, spin class at lunch, healthy shepard's pie for dinner.


Jams said...

We've all had those days (or weekends - sometimes even weeks). It's how you react to it that matters. You're back on track. You can rock it this week!

Alice said...

Oh Meg I'm so sorry! You will bounce back and kick butt this week. Don't beat yourself up and remember how nice the treats were so next time you can remind yourself that you had enough of them for a few weeks and keep yourself on the straight and narrow. Maybe try picking some new fruit at the grocery store this week to keep things interesting. I find kumquats are nice and sour and fun to eat. :)

Snowflake said...

Don't give up!!! Sometimes things like this happen and you just have to put them behind you and forge ahead. I know you will do much better this week!!!!

SmilingErin said...

My weekend was like that too! What was I thinking???? Oh well, I'm moving on, and I'm cheering you on too! This week will be different!

Deb said...

It happened, and now it's over. You can't change what you've done, only what you will do.

How are you doing today?

Rapunzel said...

Oh, god..Brie...that is one item that will not find itself in my fridge anytime soon as I am unable to resist it.

You're back on track, moving on from here! xoxoxoxo