Monday, November 8, 2010

Day One: Sticking to the Plan

Day one of my pre-planning bonanza was awesome. I got out of bed and brewed some coffee while I checked the menu list on the fridge. I made my smoothie as planned, with some frozen fruit, plain yogurt, fruit juice, spinach and my daily requirement of healthy oils. I packed my snacks for the day and reviewed what I'd have when I met my friend for lunch.

I stuck to that plan, despite temptations of delicious pizza, butter chicken, fresh baked scones and the best sandwiches EVER. But those sandwiches will still be there tomorrow. Or next week. There's no world shortage of sandwiches, right?

Tonight's dinner is just about ready to go on the stove, and I'll round off the day with a big ol' glass of wine. I've discovered that I'm much better at writing fiction with a glass of wine in my hand, which is sort of important given that I'm writing a novel this month.

Pre-planning took a significant amount of time, and it means that I can't just drop everything and go for lunch with my friends or coworkers, or treat myself to a pick me up. But everything has drawbacks.

One of my biggest problems with dieting is the mental stress. I am constantly thinking about food - what I can have, what I can't have, what I want, what I'll eat next. Having planned every single bite out removes that stress - at least until I start to get stressed about not being able to be flexible and eat whatever I want. I didn't find myself getting agitated at 10:30, wondering what the soup of the day at the deli down the street is, or if I should go to the food court and try my luck there. I didn't start craving pastry at 2:30 - instead I reached for my apple and peanut butter. And before I knew it, the day was over.

How was your Monday?


Mrs Fatty Pants said...

Planning does take forever! But, it's really vital to sticking to plan. Well done!

Will be back to

Alice said...

Good job on sticking to your plan. And goodness I hope there is no world sandwich shortage! If there is I'm going to be very sad indeed.

Meg said...

Oh, more delicious sandwiches to turn down today. Fortunately that's the plan for lunch tomorrow!