Friday, November 5, 2010

DVD Reviewlette: Marisa Tomei Core and Curves

Why yes, I do want to look like this.

Last weekend I was in HMV with Gary. I swear, we spent hours every weekend in HMV and Chapters, looking at books and movies. It's one of my favourite things to do in the whole world.

Anyway, I had been wandering around for awhile when this dvd caught my eye. It was cheap. I bought it.

Last night I tried it out, and while I didn't make it through the entire 3 workouts on the dvd, I got through a good chunk.

This video is weird. The trainer doesn't address you, the watcher, at all. They don't correct for form. It's like watching Marisa Tomei have a private training session and following along at home. I kind of like it, but if you're not a fly-on-the-wall type, it might not be for you.

There is no way that doing this workout alone, even if you did it every day, will help you look like her on the cover. But combined with regular cardio and diet, I think it's a good companion toning video. Here's a clip.

It wasn't too intense, but I could definitely feel it. And my abs are sore today, which is awesome. But if you hate crunches, stay far, far away. She does like 9 million of them - and that means you will, too.

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