Sunday, November 7, 2010

Planning for a great week

Yesterday afternoon I sat down with a pen and some paper and I did my meal planning for the week. But not just dinners. I planned every single meal and snack. Then I wrote down exactly what groceries I'd need - ie: 3 pita pockets, 100 gm turkey breast, 3 larabars, 6 apples - and bought only those this morning.

Little treats and snacks have started finding their way into my grocery basket. Gary doesn't snack - unless it's on red vines, and you can't buy them anywhere in Canada except at two London Drugs locations we've found. He's not into cookies, or crackers, or chips, so who am I kidding by buying them and telling myself that they're not for me?

Now I'm going to sit down and input all of the meals I planned into my weight watchers tracker, tally up the points, and schedule in my spin classes and activity at the gym. I have a new set of strength training exercises I pulled out of a magazine that I'm going to try, and I'm going back to spinning twice this week.

I'm going to do this. I'm going back to basics, back to planning and being really anal about scheduling and measuring and counting. It's not how I necessarily plan to live my life for ever, but I've been messing around for two months and not seeing any results.

I'm tired of dieting, of watching every bite and skipping snacks and treats, but I'm more tired of half-assing it, still feeling deprived, and not seeing any results at all.

Go hard, or go home. You with me? 7 pounds, 7 weeks. Onederland!!


LOVEOFMYLIFE1924 said...

I think that's awesome! I'm with you and I believe it can be done!

Deb said...

Good job on the planning. You can do this. Finish the year off strong and in onederland!

Snowflake said...

You can do it Meg!! I am also setting a goal of 7 pounds, 7 weeks, so now the challenge is on!!!!