Friday, November 5, 2010

Progress Photos!

Well, I've been feeling pretty down on myself lately. It's hard to stay motivated when the scale moves so slowly. For all of my posturing about measuring victory in other ways, it's the one that matters the most.

It's been about two months since I took progress photos - when I started, I took them weekly! I can tell my enthusiasm has been waning.

But hey! Look at this!

Left to right: June 4, September 8, November 4.

On June 28, I weighed 222.8 lbs; September 8 I was 209.6, and yesterday I was 207. (Yes, that's depressing, in two months I've lost less than 3 lbs...)

But I think I can see a little bit of a difference.


Jams said...

I can totally see a difference. Especially in your face.

Keep on keeping on. That's the important thing.. think of this as practice for when you reach goal/maintenance!!!! :)

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Lookin' good Meg! :)

Erin B said...

I see a difference in your tummy. You look 'firmer' to me.
Always in your corner!

Anonymous said...

Meg, there is such a big difference!!!! Especially in your stomach area. Like Erin said, everything looks firmer all around!

SmilingErin said...

Your tummy and hips look tighter for sure! The scale isn't moving much for me right now either, but don't worry, we'll get there! Slow and steady wins the race! Keep it up :)

RescuingLisa said...

You are looking great Meg! ANd I love your hair! So cute!

Eve said...

I can see a big difference!! You are looking good!! At least the scale is still going down and not up! Keep up the good work!!