Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday WI did it get to be 5:00 already? We're leaving tomorrow morning to go hang out in Long Beach, CA until Monday, and I've been pretty jammed at work for a variety of reasons. Suddenly it's the end of the day and I haven't checked in.
I was up a pound today. I don't know why. Water retention? Stress? Residual hang-over from Saturday night? The portion-controlled and totally planned for Mexican Monday dinner we had? I'm not sure, but I continued planning all of my meals and sticking to my plan and still, I'm up. I don't really get it, but the scale likes to mess with me so there you go.
But hey, Self, don't let it get under your skin. Don't turn this one pound gain into reason to binge out of control on your vacation. I give you permission to eat your weight in Mexican food once, but think about what you're eating and choose responsibly every other meal. You can handle this.


Deb said...

Have a great vacation!

When you get back you can kick that pound (and it's friends) to the curb. :)

LOVEOFMYLIFE1924 said...

I love the note you gave yourself at the end! It's ok, stay motivated! You can do this! Have fun in Long Beach!