Friday, December 31, 2010

Any excuse will do

The month of December passed and I barely even stepped foot in the gym. Any excuse to skip a workout was good enough for me - I haven't finished making my Aunt's gift, I haven't wrapped presents, I haven't cleaned the apartment, I worked too hard, I'm feeling under the weather, it's too cold. But the worst?

I don't want to haul my giant gym bag to work. It's so heavy.

How lame is that? But it's true. I work less than 10 blocks from home, and the gym is on my way. I didn't want to struggle with my giant winter coat, my giant boots, my big heavy gym I didn't take it to work. And then when I came home, the couch beat a workout DVD every single time.

So I hit up sportchek and picked up this:

(Well, something similar. Different bag, same basic style)

I own several gym bags. Most of them were free duffle bags. They're just way too big, so I'd been using an overnight-size shoulder bag. It was way too heavy with everything I'd managed to cram in there.

So this makes me downsize.

My pants, top and sports bra fit perfectly. There's a pocket on the outside for my water bottle, and two zips for my keys, wallet and phone. There's a little zip on the inside where I keep a small bottle of lotion, a small stick of deoderant and a little bottle of the hair product I use. I toss in my hairbrush and a headband and I'm good to go.

Missing? Towels - they're provided by the gym. And shoes.

The locker room at my gym has shoe storage. It's definitely at your own risk - but my sneakers were $30 at Costco. If someone wants to steal them that badly I'm willing to let them go. Plus, I have a spare pair at home for those days when we hit a different gym or I workout in the living room.

Hopefully this lighter load will help me make it to the gym regularly over my lunch break. I do love that post-spin class high!

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Heather said...

I HATE having to bring runners to work so that I have the right shoes after work for gym time. I have size 10 feet and it feels like I need a friggin' suitcase to bring all my gear. I would totally store my shoes at the gym if I could!