Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday WI

The scale showed 209.2 this morning, an increase of .4 lbs. I'm not surprised, but I'm looking forward to next week.
I am pretty impressed with this new plan. Tonight we're going to the Keg for Gary's office Christmas party. I pre-calculated the points for what I always have for dinner there, and because of the protein count of the steak and a few adjustments - garden salad instead of caesar, skipping over the bread - I managed to fit it into my daily points total without a problem. Some lentil veggie soup for lunch, fruit for snacks and I'll make it through the day satisfied and completely on plan. I might even have some room for wine...

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Snowflake said...

A small weight gain this week is not bad, and now that you are back on track I'm sure you will have a good week!!