Monday, December 6, 2010

Weight Watchers Points Plus - Day One

Re-learning is a process I don't really enjoy. I love learning new things, but I get frustrated when I feel like I'm behind, or 'speed it up, I know this already...' or I struggle to grasp concepts that used to be familiar.

That's kind of what this new plan is like. It's familiar enough - you could points, you get a certain number of points a day and a weekly 'bonus amount' of points, you earn points with activity.

But the way the points are calculated is different. And it's messing with me!

Old WW plan calculated points using calories, fat and fibre. The New Plan uses fat, carbohydrates, protein and fibre. Note the absence of calories - because caloric count is really just a formula using the others, or so I understand it.

I could eyeball the points on something pretty quickly by using the nutritional information before. Now, I've got no clue.

I freaked out about it for about three minutes. How was I going to make good choices in the grocery store? How would I know what to order on a menu with a quick review of the nutritional information? HOW?!

Obviously by using my brain.

The new plan focuses on whole foods and good nutrition. Fruit and veggies are all (almost all of them, anyway) 'free', or zero points. A banana on the old plan was 2 points. On the new plan? 0.

So I took a deep breath and reminded myself:

Use your head, Meg. When picking food at the grocery store or restaurant, choose those that are full of veggies, lean protein and whole grains. Stay away from creamy sauces and fried foods. Opt for fresh fruit as a snack more often.

It's actually remarkably common sense - and I think that it'll really teach me the skills I need for this to be a life-long doable thing, not just a quick fix. A banana is a good snack. A granola bar is a good snack too, but lacks the vitamins and nutrients of the banana. Use your head.

This is what I ate:


1 package multigrain oatmeal - 4 points
1 banana - 0 points
1 Grande Nonfat Earl Grey tea latte - 5 points


Thai Chicken Frozen Dinner - 7 points
1 apple - 0 points
1 mandarin orange - 0 points


1 apple flavour larabar - 5 points
1 slice high fibre bread - 2 points
1 tbs peanut butter - 3 points


2 lentil tacos - 11 points
1 cup spanish rice - 7 points

Total: 44 points

I used 9 of my weekly points, but that latte and the rice will be totally worth it :)


Snowflake said...

I looked it over yesterday and there will be a learning curve but came to much the same conclusions you did, this will be the way to make a permanent life style change. Over all it will be much healthier for both of us to eat according to the plan. I'm looking forward to checking out some of my old recipes to see how many points they will be now!!

Vanessa said...

...Ohhh yeah. I pay for that Weight Watchers thing, and should probably get back to it sometime. Hrmm.