Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Assessment

This afternoon I have an appointment with a personal trainer at my gym to do the free 'fitness consultation' that came with my gym membership. Following the consultation, I'll also have two more actual workout sessions with the trainer.

To say that I am apprehensive is putting it mildly.

Big Fear.

I've never worked out with a trainer. I'm terrified. What if this person embarrasses me? What if she makes fun of me? What if I can't do what she wants me to do? What if she laughs at me? What if everyone in the gym laughs? What if I burst into tears? What if they patronize me, or talk to me as if I'm stupid, which might even be the worst of all. Look, I know I'm fluffy, okay? I look at myself every single day. Abs? I do not have them. Rolls? Yes, yes I do.

I had put off this consultation for months successfully. Then I got totally busted by a trainer on my way out of the gym on Tuesday night. He asked if I was training with anyone. I said no, but come on. I could smell the upsale from a mile away - I do work in Marketing. Then he asked if I had enjoyed my complimentary sessions, and I couldn't lie to him.

So he signed me up promptly for an appointment with Stephanie, who I am sure is lovely.

And probably evil.

So if you never hear from me again, it's because Stephanie the Trainer, with her routine of squats and jump-thrust-burpie-mountainclimbers killed me.

It was nice knowing you guys.


Leah said...

When I had free sessions with a trainer at my gym, it was pretty underwhelming. All she did was take my measurements and then showed me how to work the weight machines and suggested how many reps of each to do. No lunges for me - Thank the Lord! I am sure you will survive - looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow!

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Oh gosh I always dodge the training sessions too! I'm not brave enough yet :)

I'm sure you'll do great and learn a lot!

Anonymous said...

I think if the trainer laughs at you, you should ask for a different one. Their job is to help you improve your fitness from whatever point you're at instead of driving you away from exercising!

My mum and I have started training with a trainer and even though it's hard work, it's a lot of fun!

Jenn said...

The trainers see all body types, and if the trainer makes you feel inferior in anyway, you should definitely complain and ask for a different trainer (and a redo session).

I worked out with a trainer for a year (starting from my heaviest weight) and he never made any comments that were hurtful, even though I would say things about myself!!

You're going to have a great time!