Friday, January 7, 2011


I grew up in a land-locked province. We didn't eat fish when I was growing up - probably because early on, I was disgusted by expressed a sincere distaste for fish sticks, the only form of seafood I was familiar with.

Now I'm a full-fledged grown up lady and I have come around to our friendly edibles of the sea. Well, some of them. I'm not very adventurous - I have cooked scallops a few times, shrimp (already peeled, please!) a few more times, and a lot of salmon. I loooove calamari, deep fried and spritzed with lemon - but obviously that's out of the question most of the time now!

So help me expand my horizons - what's your favourite fish? How do you cook it? Share some recipes, please!

PS - I'll have a product review from CSN coming soon! Who knows what the product will be...something for the kitchen? New shoes? Maybe a few snazzy new modern duvet covers?


Erin B said...

I've got a GREAT recipe for salmon in parchment. It has lemon, dill, shallots and is cooked over a bed of zucchini. Remind me and I'll get it to you...I think I have it on the home computer.

Will you share the results? I'm always looking for more fish recipes.

Leah said...

Since moving to the East Coast I have been exposed to more seafood, although we still don't eat it that often. One of my fav's is halibut, seasoned with S&P, drizzled with Italian salad dressing and chunks of "smashed" garlic on top. Pop it in the oven at about 450* for about 20 minutes or so. Delish!

Deb said...

No help here. I pretty much only eat salmon. But, I'm paying attention to all the tips you get from people that know more about fish.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I basically eat zero fish. Which is bad, because it is so good for you. I can't wait to see what ideas and recipes others post up!