Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting ready for the week ahead

This weekend felt really busy to me - but in hindsight, it's just a regular weekend. I went out with friends on Friday night, I went to the gym, we had a big opening party at work on Saturday, and today Gary and I did errands and got ready for the week ahead.

We try to keep 'external' commitments to a minimum on Sundays. Sometimes we go to the gym (if we skipped Saturday's workout), but usually Gary and I have coffee together, talk about the last week and the week ahead, and buy groceries. Then it's time for chores and some relaxing - me with a book or napping, him on his computer.

Today I cleaned our kitchen, which was a bit of a disgrace. Then I prepped some snacks for the coming work week - bags full of washed, cut veggies and little containers of hummus. I cleaned out the fridge, packed up some leftovers for lunches, and then made pizza dough for dinners later this week.

It feels really good to have everything ready to go. Tonight I'll throw my gym bag together for my first workout session with my new trainer, and then the weekend will be over.

Do you like productive Sundays, or do you like to socialize with friends and family?


Alice said...

Our Sundays are typically for preping for the week, attending church, and enjoying a family breakfast and dinner. Sometimes we spend it running errands or going places, but it usually involves all three of us and I like it that way. Especially the ones where we stay home and I sit on the couch! :)

RescuingLisa said...

Meg! I am at a new spot, come check me out:

Sounds like you are still on track and the scale is headed in the right direction - way to go! Keep at 'er!