Monday, January 3, 2011

Pizza crusts, grocery shopping and the gym

That was the sum of my last two days.

I went to the gym on Sunday and today, clocking some time on the elliptical and stationary bikes. I didn't make it to the new class at the gym, but I did learn that it's circuit training with cardio intervals. Looks interesting, but intimidating. Have any of you tried a class like that?

This afternoon post-workout, we hit Extreme Pita for lunch. I wasn't feeling like a pita wrap and I was planning on making pizza, so pita pizza was out. Instead, I had a salad with falafel patties. It was really good! I'll definitely be going back for it again soon.

Then, armed with a list of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner plans, Gary and I went to pick up our usual week's worth of groceries. This week we spent $130, which is more than what we usually spend - between $75 - 100. But we did stock up on brown rice, a big bag of frozen chicken breasts, sauces, and other staples to help us stick with our healthy eating ambitions for the new year.

One of the meals I'd love to master is healthy pizza. I made pizza dough using my KitchenAid again, using this recipe for Whole Wheat crust. It uses half and half white and whole wheat flour. It was AMAZING. Next time, I think I'll use all whole wheat, and then adjust from there. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's lunch...leftover pizza.

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Snowflake said...

Looks like a great recipe, I will have to give it a try. I made whole wheat bread in my bread machine yesterday, I'm trying to find a recipe for WW bread but have not found anything yet!!!