Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday WI

I wasn't expecting a loss this week.
But I certainly wasn't expecting a 3 lb gain, either.
This week has been a little spotty in terms of tracking. I have been watching what I've been eating, but not writing it down. Obviously this is still important for me to do! We spent the weekend at my Mom and Dad's house, where I did indulge in some lazing around on the couch and eating what I felt like.
But I'm not going to let this bother me - and here's why:
I ate dinner really late last night - much later than normal.
Dinner was pretty high in sodium.
I didn't drink a ton of water this week. Being stuck in a workshop with limited bathroom breaks isn't really conducive to chugging back litres of water.
I took my measurements again this morning and I lost 2 inches in total from various parts of me.
I'm not sure what's up with the scale, but this week I'm just going to ignore it and carry on. That's the problem with doing a weekly weigh-in, I think: it's so easy to get hung up on that number, to schedule my week around trying to see the biggest loss possible - eating less on Monday and Tuesday, and allowing myself 'treats' on Wednesday and Thursday, for example. To me, it feels like it's just not an accurate representation of the work I'm doing all the time!


Alice said...

Good job on looking at the measurements too in place of the number on the scale. That evil number can distract us a lot! I hate that stupid scale some days but your comments all make sense. Next week those 3lbs will be long gone and you'll be proud you stuck it out!

CJ said...

Don't let it get you down. Your measurements obviously point to the fact that you're doing fantastic. Could be water weight of some kind (perhaps you've eaten more salt) - could be hormones - could be any damn thing. Our bodies just suck that way.

ladybugc said...

I would not worry about it either, general rule is that muscle weighs more than fat so you can't always worry about #'s on a scale when you are working out and increasing dense muscle mass - if you feel good and your clothes fit well then that is what matters. You have been doing great, forget the (broken) scale :)