Monday, March 28, 2011


(Well, yeah, I suppose I do live in sin, but that's a confession for another time)

I have not been super strict with myself this week. I've tried, but...

- I skipped the gym on Friday because I was feeling some discomfort after a doctor's appointment

- I missed Spin on Saturday, but only because some instructor Yorgo was teaching and the class, which is NEVER full any other Saturday, was packed - he must be hot. Really, really hot. That's the only explanation. So I did some cardio and abs work on my own.

- We totally had nachos for dinner on Saturday. I could have made something, anything, healthier, but nope. Bag 'o chips, giant pile of cheese, pure bliss.

- I definitely had a cookie after work today before I went to the gym. Where I did bust it on my strength training routine.

I was aware every time I made a decision that didn't support my goals. I was aware every time that by doing X, I wasn't making health and fitness and weight loss a priority.

I can't seem to make it stick for longer than a week at a time. I can go super hard, and then something happens (like, oh, buying our first home!) and I fall to pieces. I guess it's half the battle that I get back up again, but I'm starting to get frustrated with myself.

But hey. On the upside, here I am, confessing my blunders to you instead of hiding. That counts for something, right?


Carlee said...

Heck yes it counts. Quote from my last meeting: "Own it and move on."

Congrats on the house buying!

Frank said...

I'm friends with Yorgo...he's a nice guy but I wouldn't call him really really hot...(if by some chance Yorgo happens to read this...hey)

Apparently he runs a good class though!

Meg said...

well, I guess running a good class is perhaps more of a draw than being really, really hot. A good spin class is a great thing to find.

Need to Get ME Back said...

Thanks, now I want nachos... lol jk. Better week next week!