Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday WI (a day late)

This was an exciting week. Not only did I have a fantastic dinner party to attend with amazing friends on Tuesday night, but we also found a condo over the weekend and fell in love with it. Not to mention a 3-year anniversary dinner on Friday night and 2 birthday parties over the weekend!

I didn't do too well at staying away from the cake, the beer, the red wine. There was a lot of discussion over a lunch at the pub where I chose less wisely than I could have.

But on Wednesday morning, I was down .6 lbs. And even better - this morning, I had to move over a notch on my belt - in the right direction! These jeans are just over a month old!

The next few weeks are going to be challenging, as they'll be full of meetings with brokers, agents and lawyers - and the potential of missing more than one workout. Add to that the 'it's just easier if we go out to eat instead of cook tonight' and it could be messsy. But I think identifying that in advance is helpful. I've got to formulate a strategy to get through this.

Any ideas?


Laurel said...

Loss or gain, I think you're doing great work, Megan, and that should be recognized and celebrated. Hope that the next few weeks aren't too stressful and you're able to feel good about staying on track too.


bre said...

I agree 100% with Laurel - way to go!!!

On the strategy side: I think you could prepare for this busy time by making some meals in mass quantities and freezing them. That way, they're even easier to grab than ordering food or going out. You also may want to dust off those Jillian Michael's DVDs because you may have to do them instead of the gym from time to time. :)

Carolyn said...

Definitely spend more time with your uni-buddies. Surf the internet for motorhome rentals. Play Chinese checkers. In short, find ways to counter-act the stress so you don't get sick, because that would slow your progress far more than a few busy weeks.
I love you.

Marianne said...

Congrats on the condo and anniversary!

My best advice for the next few weeks is to PLAN. When we have crazy weeks, I try to plan easy and fast dinners so that there is no excuse to go out. Breakfast for dinner is almost always a quick choice - eggs, whole wheat pancakes, smoothies, etc. We'll also have "picnics" when we're busy - veggies, fruit, cheese, crackers, all on a plate. For the workout side of things, can you plan some quick 10-minute workouts in case you have to skip your long ones? E.g. push ups, sit ups, the sort of thing you could just squeeze in while dinner cooks or whatever.

Snowflake said...

Way to go Meg!!! You have a strong positive outlook and the advice about preplanning meals is a good idea. Look for some recipes that you can make one to eat now and one to freeze for busy days ahead!! Such exciting times these are!!

Megs said...

I will attest to the craziness of house searching. I gained 4 lbs during my condo search :( but I didn't plan at all. So you seem more prepared :) I agree with making things in advance. What sucks is that you are at the mercy of other ppl...I had no choice when we viewed places or signed things, because we had to accomodate the seller...blah...good luck!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Good job! Everything in moderation, I think you did fine. Love the belt moving!