Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday WI

This morning I was down 1 pound. I earned a ton of activity points again, but this week I switched the way the tracker counts them, so that it 'swaps' my activity points out before the weekly points allowance. I don't know that it actually makes a difference, because a point is a point - but it was worth a shot.

My tracker for the week:

Sure, I posted a loss. But I was happier with a few other things that happened this week. I am proud that I can complete an intense 60 minute spin class and not fall over and die - or even just stop. I'm happy that my jeans feel looser, and that I look in the mirror and think I might just look a little slimmer.

I tried out a new circuit-based strength training workout on Monday, and I plan to keep switching things up. I'm looking forward to Zumba on Thursday because it's fun, not because it burns a lot of calories.

And even more, I'm proud of the way I reacted when I slipped up. On Monday, I had a business lunch and had sat down with the menu to decide what I would order. A salad with chicken, hold the blue cheese and dressing on the side. I was even looking forward to it!

But then we got to the restaurant, and what did I order? The bbq beef sandwich special that came with creamy, cheesy potato soup, fries and even cookies to go.

I didn't even eat half of it. I was so disappointed with myself for actively making a choice that wasn't going to get me where I really wanted that I lost my appetite. My priorites were laid out there, right in front of me, and that bbq sandwich wasn't even worth it. Good lesson.

But the cookies were pretty good :)

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