Sunday, May 29, 2011

It ain't cheap

Eating healthy isn't cheap. Today we bought our groceries for the week, and the bill came to $160 - that's food for the two of us for the week, no cleaning supplies or personal care products included.

And I had three coupons, and was careful to shop for sale items.

But if we went out to eat, dinner rarely would come to less than $40. Fresh produce, fish and whole-grain bread might be more expensive than pizza pops and kraft dinner, but we'll feel more satisfied with what we're eating. Snacks from the vending machine or corner store add up, and are certainly more money than an apple or a dish of carrots and hummus.

We're fortunate enough (at least this week!) to be able to afford to buy healthy food - but it shouldn't have to be a privilege, in my opinion. Fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat milk, lean meat or canned spaghetti, frozen dinners and boxed macaron. It shouldn't have to be such a hard choice.

Is the price of healthier food a deterrent for you? Do you find yourself planning less healthy, less expensive meals? How do you find a common ground between the two - budget and diet plan?


Megs said...

The weeks that are bad for me weight wise are the week's I am short on cash because I can't shop as healthy as I want. It's a total deterrent for me...sorry, mortgage payment and electricity above carrots and organic lettuce. It's a serious problem in North America that it is cheaper to eat cr@p than good food...and then they complain that obesity is rising and putting stress on the healthcare system...sigh.

Good on you for all the prep work!

Sarah said...

I know the rising cost of food is incredible. But we are the ones that choose what we put in our mouth so we have to make it all work.

bre said...

Friends of ours did a project with a food hamper - you might find it an interesting (depressing) read.

Meg said...

That's a really interesting project, Bre!