Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off the wagon

Not only have I fallen off the wagon, friends, the wagon has ran over me. And backed up. And ran over me again, for good measure. And then I lay there, covered in dust, while I watched it pull away from me and travel off into the horizon.

The past month has been a massive backslide. To be honest, the last 6 weeks. I think it officially kicked in when I skipped the gym to go to East Side Mario's for dinner.

Now, it was a really fun night, in honour of my birthday, and I had an amazing time with my other half, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But then we started packing, and then we moved, and before I knew it over a month of high stress, bad meals (greasy fast food, heavy pasta dinners, and so many sugary treats) and skipping the gym caught up to me.

We went to the gym last night. Gary worked out. I sat on a bench outside because I had been away from the gym for so long that they donated my sneakers to charity.

I wish I was kidding.

Every couple of months, the gym posts a sign giving members two weeks to clear out their stuff from the locker room or it'll be donated. I missed not only the sign, but the two week grace period AND THEN SOME.

So new sneakers it is.

Today I'm starting small. I haven't stepped on the scale in a looong time. I'm drinking my 2 L of water, had a healthy breakfast (oatmeal and banana) and am trying to skip the temptation of the 3pm sugary snack.

I've got no more excuses. We've moved. Things have settled down at work. My future mother-in-law isn't visiting. I've got a long stretch of months ahead where I can focus on weight loss, on diet and exercise.

Starting now.


Deb said...

First off, weigh yourself and get it out of the way. For one, it's good to get it over with. For another, you don't want to do it a week from now and be upset that your weight is higher then you want it. You need to know where you are starting from today so that you can celebrate your success a week from now.

Next, welcome back! It's been a busy crazy month for you. That's life. Now you're back on track, and you even have an excuse to shop. ;) Really, what you should do is take up running and then we can meet at a race sometime. ;)

Lady Rose said...

Let's go sneaker shopping! I have been doing my stroller walks in beaten down old shoes. And then we can go on a stroller walk that involves lots of lunging and breaks to do those crazy jumpy up and down things they do on Biggest Loser.

Carolyn said...

Yippee! You're back! Welcome home! I love you! You can do this! You can get new shoes. Heck, I'll even sponsor them if you let me glue a supportive smily picture of your beautiful self to the toes.

Alice said...

I've missed your blog! I'm so glad you're back. Don't be discouraged about falling off the wagon. The main thing is that you are back at it and will be rocking it in no time!