Monday, June 6, 2011


Week one is over, and the results are in - I was down 2 lbs this morning. Yay!

I'm impressed. I didn't deprive myself this weekend, but at the same time, I definitely paused to ask myself whether I really wanted to eat whatever I was craving. I tried to keep my portions in check, and plan ahead to pick the healthier options off menus.

My mom and dad were here this weekend, and we went out for brunch yesterday. Mom and I ordered the exact same thing - a senior's two-egg omlette, made with egg whites, a side of hash browns and dry brown toast. I had analyzed the menu ahead of time and decided that was the most reasonable choice. Mom must have done the same. Like mother, like daughter!

One small snag - last night we went over to friends' for dinner. They made fried, battered fish, bacon wrapped scallops and french fries. I'm not a major fish lover, but this was delicious. I ate a small portion of each until I was satisfied, and didn't keep going, even though it was tempting. I'm glad I stopped, because an hour after eating I was still completely stuffed.

I'm tweaking the way I'm doing things a little bit. I'm still using the meal ideas from Self magazine, but I'm tracking them with Spark People. I find the Self meal tracker tool really difficult to use, and the Spark one has a little more flexibility. I think it's important to find a method that works best for you, and if that's tracking with a pencil and paper, taking photos of everything you eat, or using a website.

Did you have a good weekend?


Anesha said...

Thats good.. every pound counts

Snowflake said...

Way to go!!! Awesome!!!!

alisonds said...

Well done. 2 pounds is great. And learning when you're full is so important - I haven't quite mastered that yet! Keep up the good work. x

RescuingLisa said...

Way to go Meg - you are back at it!