Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday I went to the wedding of a former coworker and good friend, and then love of her life. It was a blast.

Gary and I before the ceremony.

I definitely did not stick to the 17 Day Diet guidelines. But I hadn't planned to.

In the morning, Gary and I got up and went for lunch at the bakery down the street. Baked goods and cheese are my favourite treats, and this place was heaven. Gary ordered a delicious looking salami and havarti sandwich and this incredible red pepper soup; I deliberated for quite awhile before making my selection.

I had already planned to eat whatever was served at the wedding and enjoy it. Since I was taking the day "off" anyway, would it hurt? I might as well have a sandwich with cheese on a fresh bakery bun, and throw in some sweets to top it off.

But I didn't. I planned for one evening off the diet, not one day. I knew that if I splurged, I'd regret it, feel depressed and then I'd give myself an excuse to keep eating whatever I wanted.

I've worked really hard for a week, why throw that all away?

So I ordered a garden salad with buffalo seasoned chicken breast. Honestly, guys, it was amazing. One of the freshest, tastiest salads I've had from a deli EVER. It was completely satisfying.

At the wedding, I had 3 or 4 glasses of wine (over the course of the day), some cheese and crackers, and at dinner then I ate until I was satisfied, not full. The prime rib roast and yorkshire pudding was really good, and the carrots and asparagus were also pretty tasty. I enjoyed the cheesecake dessert and a wedding cupcake.

My one regret is the midnight lunch bun with salami and cheese. I should have skipped it. I felt quite sick when we got home, and given that I stopped drinking and started dancing so I could drive us home, I think it was the rich food.

Today I'm right back at it. I did have a tiny piece of the lemon cake Gary bought at the bakery, but I own that choice. Tonight's dinner is cod with cajun seasoning and green beans. I've had yogurt and fruit and a ton of water, and my meals are planned for the entire week.

Celebrating with friends is important, and part of the great joy of life. But I'm trying to remember that a celebration isn't an excuse to fall off the rails entirely, because getting back up hurts more than giving up that second piece of dessert!


Alice said...

Congrats on avoiding the lunch temptation and sticking to your plan!

Courtney said...

Good Job!!!
BTW! I love the dress!!! Beautiful color!!! :)

Kas said...

Good for you for sticking to your plan! That is so hard to do! How are you liking the 17 day diet? Doctor Phil talks about it on his show all the time!

PlumPetals said...

Love your blue dress!
Well done on sticking to your plan! :)