Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 10

Our internet is out at home for the week so I haven't been able to update.

This diet is actually getting easier. I am still craving toast with peanut butter and I don't think that will ever go away, but it is not as hard to look forward to my salad with protein for lunch. I'm also not starving before dinner.

I weighed myself on Monday and I was down 5 lbs. This morning, I've seen the scale move an additional 2, for a total of 7 lbs lost in 10 days. Obviously I'm not expecting this rate to continue, but it's nice to get a headstart, is it not?

I'd like to be at 15 lbs lost by Labour Day, which I feel is a reasonable goal. I've got 7 more days on Cycle One, and then I can move on to Cycle Two and two servings of glorious starch. Oh, legumes. Lentils. Beans. Corn on the cob. I'm very excited about it.


Snowflake said...

WOOHOO!! Keep up the good work!! You can do it!!!

PlumPetals said...

That's awesome!!! Seeing numbers drop on the scale is a great motivator to keep going! Well done :D