Sunday, January 8, 2012

Under the weather

Friday night we were super exciting people without children or responsibilities and hit the gym. Ah, Fridays at the gym - quiet, spacious, undisturbed workout time, even in the midst of the resolution rush.

We had plans to do the same on Saturday morning, but when Gary and I woke up, he was feeling very stiff and quite sore in his leg, and I was feeling like I'd caught the cold Gary nursed all of last week.

So, instead, we went for breakfast and then I met a friend for coffee. Gary hung out with his friends and I made dinner for my brother - pure comfort food, sausage and perogies sent back to us from Grandma's - and then I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday on the couch, consuming cough drops and watching Downton Abbey.

My fingers are crossed that I'll be feeling better tomorrow. I'm really hoping to get to the gym 5 times (yikes!) this week, but it's very hard to get motivated when you feel like your head is full of fluff and the couch is calling your name.

What's your go-to workout for days when you're feeling a bit sick? Or do you scrap the workout and call it a rest day? I'm not sure I deserve any rest quite yet - you kind of have to do some real work first, don't you?


Deb said...

It depends how sick I'm feeling. Generally the neck rule is an okay one: "If it's in the head, go ahead. If it's in the chest, take a rest."

Having said that, I find that if I push too hard while I'm sick it takes longer to get better. I usually try to train through colds, but keep the intensity easy.

MissHaneefa said...

That makes two of us. I hope that you feel better soon!