Monday, February 20, 2012

Pizza is not a vegetable


I had a slip.

On Sunday, after waking up from a nap feeling less rested and relaxed and more tense and stressed, I walked into the living room and told Gary that we could either go to the grocery store and buy the stuff we needed for dinner, or we could order pizza, because one night off my diet wasn't going to kill me.

And you know what? It probably won't.

Outside of my diet and exercise life, the past two weeks have been really, really hard. Things are super stressful at work with the giant fundraiser and a transition of managers, I've had a falling out with my sibling (we'll patch it up, we always do), I'm getting worried about wedding planning stuff, and my friend, who is also my team-mate at work, was called out of the office unexpectedly to deal with a sudden illness in her family that ultimately resulted in the really untimely loss of her younger brother. He was a great guy, and he will be missed dearly.

Add those things up and I'm really, really stressed.

When we buy groceries, we do it on Sundays. Except on long weekends, when we buy groceries on Mondays. Usually on long weekends, we'll go out to dinner a few times or we're just not here - but this weekend was different. I can't really go out to eat, plus, money is a bit tight right now. But we didn't plan ahead, and so on Sunday night, when we had no groceries and I was feeling quite down and a bit sorry for myself, I called Panago for help.

I ate four slices of thin crust hawaiian pizza, and yes, it was delicious. I could have stopped at two slices. And I'm back on my diet plan today, eating veggies and chicken and yogurt and fish and eggs.

I feel some regret, but it's just one meal, one breakdown in preparation and stress levels and self-pity.


Alice said...

Don't beat yourself up about the pizza. We ordered it on Friday too. Sometimes you just have to veg and enjoy a good slice of pizza. It was worth it, you enjoyed it and you won't need/want it for a while.

You had a bad week and now you can start fresh tomorrow and look forward to having a good week filled with healthy food. If you need some inspiration for awesome food check out as I am obsessed with those recipes and have yet to be disappointed.

Meg said...

thanks Alice - I love that website!