Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Baby carrots, peas and water.

Yesterday was really good. I happily ate my salads and veggies and chicken breast and fish. I did an elliptical workout and felt really great at the end of the day, no cravings to report.

Today is a different story. Day two, and I'm craving pasta. And pie. Carby and sweet.

But I gave myself a pep talk as I dished out my veggies.

Do you want to eat pie, or do you want to buy cute new summer clothes for your new, slimmer figure?
Erm, clothes.

Do you want to skip the gym, or do you want to feel proud on your wedding day?

Totally going to the gym!

Do you want to say to hell with it, and go out for italian, or do you want to FINALLY wear a bikini on the beach, on your honeymoon?

I'm pretty sure the coworker who caught me muttering to myself thinks I'm totally bonkers, but for now - cravings conquered.


Deb said...

I talk to myself all the time. I'm sure I've been pegged as crazy too.

Megs said...

Way to go Meg :) I did the 17 DD (the first cycle) and found it not bad either. I also talk to myself. I have little stare-downs with my food, lol.