Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Night Prep

I had a disappointing weigh-in on Friday. I was up about 4 lbs. I know why - it's been an incredibly stressful week at work, preparing for our big party (which went so well), getting ready for my current manager to transition off the mat leave she's been covering and my "regular" manager to come back; and covering my coworker's desk as she's been called away for a family emergency. I've been tired, and when I'm tired, I go straight for the carby treats and talk myself out of the gym.

The good news is, I'm taking it in stride. I'm still down in weight overall, and I'm starting the 17 Day Diet plan again tomorrow. I need a little more structure right now, as one scone tends to lead me down a cookie-paved sugar path. Cookies - see you in a few weeks :)

I've picked up all the groceries I'll need for my week. Eggs and smoothies for breakfasts, salads and chicken vegetable soup for lunches, and fish and roasted veggies for dinners.

I baked 5 chicken breasts and sliced them up for salads and the soup that I'll make later this week. Veggies are ready to go in the crisper, and I'm actually really looking forward to it - because eating that way ultimately gives me so much more energy. It's just hard to remember that when the candy bowl is calling, right?

Yesterday was the big party, and I found a dress late on Friday afternoon at Ricki's. It's a knit turquoise wrap dress, and I ADORE it. I got several compliments from other shoppers, and then at the party strangers came up to me and told me that they loved what I was wearing. That's always such a huge boost, isn't it?

I only got one, terrible, very late night grumpy face "Can I go home and take these damn shoes off, it's been 8 hours..." picture. I'll be wearing this dress until it falls apart, I love it so much, so I guarantee I'll get a better shot at one of the wedding-related functions we've got coming up.

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