Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Report

I'm going to admit that I didn't track what I ate this weekend. We went home to visit my Mom and Dad, attend the annual Oasis Players Dinner Theatre (coincidentally, the caterers were serving the same menu we will serve at our wedding, so we got to try it out. I believe that in fancy wedding circles, they call this a "tasting")

I watched what I ate and tried not to go overboard, and that'll have to do. It was a very busy weekend.

On the upside, I had my first dress fitting. I was worried that the dress I bought in November, that was too big then, might not fit anymore due to my few months of completely out of control overindulgence.

Good news! It fit! We worked with the seamstress to pin the bustle hooks (this will be complicated, Bridespeoples, brace yourself) and she's taking it in an inch on either side at the bustline, according to my measurements now. If in June, it's still too big, because I have become smaller, then we'll go smaller yet.

I can't wait to wear it! I felt really gorgeous, even with bad hair and pins sticking out in every direction.

Is this what it looks like? Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. You'll find out in July :)


Lady Rose said...

Despite reinforcing them with some kind of wire, the bustle hooks on my dress were still not up to the task. In the end my mom had to crawl under my dress and put in diaper pins to keep everything in place.

I'm prepared for anything your dress throws at me.

Deb said...

Yay for the dress! If it does look like the barbie though, I'd suggest minimizing the puffy sleeves.