Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back on track

I got up this morning and went to a different weight watchers meeting.

The leader was cheerful, the room was full, I was much more inspired. And, I was down 3.2 lbs, the exact amount I'd gained over the past 2 weeks of illness and vacation indulgence. I feel awesome.

The leader ended the meeting by encouraging us to spend the week tracking our accomplishments, thinking more about the things we did do than what we did not do, and most importantly, to show ourselves love.

This is a message I really needed to hear today. This week wasn't an easy one for me. Last weekend I had a terrible full-length-mirror experience at the mall where I caught my reflection and felt terrible. I felt overwhelmed and like I was pushing a rock up a hill.

I certainly wasn't showing myself any love.

So, in addition to tracking, staying consistent, and being accountable, I'm going to try loving myself a little more this week. I'm going to celebrate a little more when I succeed and review what I could do better when I slip up.

None of this is new, but I just really needed to hear it today.

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