Sunday, March 24, 2013


This month (like the two before it) seems to have sprinted to a close and left me sitting in the dust. I swear it was just yesterday that I was packing up Christmas decorations and Gary was taking the lights down, but it seems to be Easter already.

I've been struggling a bit. Obviously, consistency is an issue for me. I make goals, then don't make achieving them a priority.

They say that writing your goals down helps--in fact I've heard that a goal not written down is simply a wish. I can say from experience that wishing oneself thin doesn't work, so I guess I'll try a new method.

I also do my best work with incentives, and projects. I like to master skills, or at the very least, learn new things. So, as I mentioned, I'm once again on the Couch to 5K track, and this time, a wonderful friend managed to convince me to sign up for a 5k run at the end of June.

That means, I actually have to do it. I have someone depending on me. I have encouragement. And support.

So here's my goal, in all it's specific-measurable-attainable-realistic-timely glory...

Be able to run (no matter the pace) 5 kilometers by June 29, 2013.

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