Saturday, March 2, 2013

on top of the world

In my weight watchers meeting on Thursday night, we talked about the importance of setting activity goals. The usual answers were suggested - schedule it in your calendar. Make it a priority. Be accountable and exercise with a partner.

They're all great suggestions and I believe that all of them can work. Except for me, right now, I need something else.

I started a new job 3 months ago and I'm still in the learning curve. I schedule my exercise times in my calendar, yes, but quite often I get into a project or called into a meeting or stay late to figure out what I've been asked to do and I miss it. I'd say it's 40% of the time that this happens, and I know that things will eventually level out, but for now, it's a challenge.

My favourite time to exercise is during my lunch break. I find it breaks up my day, gives me an hour to refocus and provides an energy boost for the afternoon. Because the gym is *in* my office, it should be easy. All I need to do is take the hour and go.

But the gym is really busy at 12, and quite often I work through lunch or have a lunch meeting.

I seem to have an excuse for everything, don't I? And that's what I realized. I have to make activity a priority because it makes me feel good, it helps me sleep better and balance my emotions, and it's absolutely key to weight loss and good health.

So yesterday, when a spot in my calendar opened up and I wasn't too busy, I hopped on the treadmill over my lunch break. I finished my last workout of the first week of Couch to 5K and I felt amazing.

At that point I felt like I could conquer the world.

Classic post-workout sweaty locker room selfie

I took that drive back to my desk and knocked out some really good work,especially considering it was Friday afternoon and it had been a crazy week. I am positive that every single employer out there would be thrilled to give their employees that hour for that kind of result. I know my employer would - but as a newbie, I feel like I just need to get the "go ahead" to make it happen on a regular basis!

I made myself a priority, I found the time and it felt awesome. The challenge will be keeping it up - but I hope that I can remember how amazing I felt and use that as motivation to make myself a priority.

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Erin B said...

Look how beautiful and happy you look. You're inspirational!