Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday Salads

One of the new year's resolutions I made was to eat more salads. I didn't grow up eating salads with dinner except on special occasions, unlike the family of my friend Candice, who ate salads every day. Her mom used to make great fun of me for not liking salads and trying to avoid eating them when I stayed over for dinner.

We did pretty well in January, eating a salad with dinner most nights of the week. I've also discovered the joy of making just a salad for dinner, but a nice one.

I bought a new cookbook a couple weeks ago and last night I tried out a simple but delicious recipe.

The recipe called for grilling the salmon, but I baked it with some lemon pepper seasoning, served it over spinach and then made a citrus honey-mustard vinaigrette. With some fresh oranges, it was delicious.

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