Sunday, April 21, 2013

On judgment

I really like zumba, but I am very particular about which instructor teaches the classes I go to.

I have my favourites, and now that I'm back working out at World Health, some of them are instructors I've had before.  I also have my not-favourites, the instructors I avoid totally.

This weekend Gary asked if there was a zumba class on Saturday, as he wanted to go to the gym for a really good long workout, and he knows that I'll be occupied for at least an hour if I'm in a class, instead of doing my usual  40 minute run/stretch stint. I checked the schedule and which instructor was teaching. It was someone I'd never had before, but after a quick google search, I deemed her satisfactory and packed up my things.

When we got to the gym, to my surprise, it was a different instructor. One I've been avoiding for two years, based on a bad first impression at what must have been her very first teaching opportunity -- and, I'll admit it, her appearance.

She's really intimidating. Like a little anime ninja penguin with raver tennis shoes and a tough-gal attitude. Not what you'd usually expect from a zumba instructor. She's the type of person you'd expect to see teaching a bootcamp or something involving lots of angry yelling.

But there I was, dressed and ready to go in the zumba studio, so I sucked it up and gave it a try.

Am I ever glad I did. What a positive, fun, tough, amazing workout. She was a fantastic instructor!

I seem to be at a place right now where life, the Universe, God, what have you, is teaching me lessons, and I seem to be hearing them. Be less passive aggressive. Stand up for yourself. Commit to what you want. Don't expect things you want to be easy. Be less judgmental.

So I admit it, Internets. I was wrong. Never again will I shy away from a class with this instructor's name beside it. In fact, I think I'll seek her out again. And maybe I'll even try the new class she's teaching...the one where you hit stuff with sticks and pretend to be a superstar glam rock drummer.


Deb said...

"little anime ninja penguin with raver tennis shoes and a tough-gal attitude" That is possibly the best description I have ever seen. :) Awesome.

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Meg said...

I swear, that is exactly what she reminds me of!