Saturday, April 27, 2013

what's in my gym bag?

I'm back to hauling all kinds of crap back and forth to the gym.

I've never been one to actually shower at the gym, unless I'm totally drenched in sweat and need to go back to work or out for the evening. I can usually hold off until I return to the comfort of my own bathroom.

But we're having some renovations done to our bathroom in a few weeks, so I'll be relying on the showers at the gym to avoid being known as the stinky coworker/wife. I've also been working out much harder these days and it just seems to be practical to hose off at the gym and be done with it.

Our gym doesn't provide towels, so one of these bad boys takes up a good chunk of space in my bag.

I've given in and after nearly wiping out on the slippery tile floor and thinking too hard about how often (or not) they clean the shower floors, now I pack a pair of these.

I'm not one for putting on a face of makeup after a workout, and we usually go to the gym in the evenings so there's no point in reapplying a full face of makeup, but I've always got some of my favourite moisturizer and some kind of lip balm.

Calgary's super dry, and I picked this up a few weeks ago after I had some skin irritation and needed something with aloe but that wasn't too sticky or heavy. I don't really think it has the soothing properties of aloe, but it does dry super fast, you only have to rub it in for a second unlike most body lotions, and it's kind of fun to apply. I expect this to come in handy during sunburn season, too.

Along with a hair brush and a hair tie or two, I have two of these headbands. I bought them three years ago and they still impress me. They definitely keep my hair out of my face.

Our gym does stock shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the showers, and it's pretty nice stuff, so I don't have to worry about hauling those bottles along. I do have a little bottle of hair product, in case I decide to blowdry my hair. This stuff also works if I just sort of scrunch it in and then let my hair air-dry wavy, but it's been too cold to do that sort of thing yet.

I usually toss in a package of these wipes to get my makeup off. I like the grapefruit scent but I don't know if I'll buy them again, they're a bit stingy on the eyes.

Of course, I've got my smartphone loaded with my favourite workout songs, a pair of earbuds, my workout clothes, a sports bra, running shoes and socks and my keys with my gym pass on the ring.

Compared to some of the ladies at the gym, I certainly pack light. But it still feels like I'm hauling the whole world around with me! What's your essential gym bag item?


Carlee said...

I like to get in/get out as fast as possible and I like to go right at the end of the day so I leave as the gym closes. My gym bag has exactly 5 items. My shoes, headband (I like lululemon), an extra pair of socks, my earbuds, and a bottle of water. I wear my clothes to the gym and my gym pass doubles as a lock for the lockers, and I never go anywhere without my iPhone! It does help that I am exactly 4 minutes away from the gym by car...

Meg said...

I like your style, Carlee. I think having an old-style duffel gym bag makes me more inclined to haul around a million things.

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